Hace dos domingos en referencia al artículo «Gestionar el futuro de Opel» comentaba que en The Economist reflexionaban sobre el acuerdo Opel – Magna «pero con poca chicha».

The Economist es una revista seria, de una calidad ejemplar. Tarda más o menos en sus análisis, pero difícilmente liquida los asuntos con artículos sin enjundia.

En el número de esta semana se lee:

«Ever since it became apparent that GM was heading for bankruptcy, the German government has been driven by short-term political expediency rather than by any concern for the interests of its taxpayers or the long-term health of the European car industry, which is so vital to Germany. Given the overcapacity in European carmaking, an orderly insolvency of Opel would have made sense. Although it makes some quite good cars, Opel is burdened with twice as many factories as it needs. In recent years it has lost market share to Volkswagen in Germany and Ford in Britain. Even with substantial restructuring, its future would be in doubt. But prompted and guided at every turn by Klaus Franz, the powerful chairman of the Opel works council, the German government’s calculations appear to have taken little or no account of industrial reality.»

El artículo de opinión se encuentra aquí.